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Czaplenski E.C., Harrington, E. M., Bell, S.K., Tolometti, G.D., Farrant, B.E., Bickel, V.T., Honniball, C.I., Martinez, S.N., Rogaski, A., Sargeant, H.M., Kring, D.A. (2021). Human-Assisted Sample Return Mission at the Schrödinger Basin, Lunar Farside using a New Geologic Map and Rover Traverses. The Planetary Space Journal, 2, 2, 51. DOI:10.3847/PSJ/abdb34.

Morse Z. R., Osinski G. R., Tornabene L. L., Bourassa M., Zanetti M., Hill P. J. A., Pilles E., Cross M. King D., Tolometti G. D. (2021). Detailed Morphological Mapping and Traverse Planning for a Rover-based Lunar Sample Return Mission to Schrödinger Basin. The Planetary Science Journal, 2, 4, 167. DOI:10.3847/PSJ/ac0728

Xie T., Osinski G. R., and Shieh S. (2021). Raman study of shock effects in lunar anorthite from the Apollo missions. Meteoritics & Planetary Science 56:1633–1651.

Sargeant, H.M., Bickel, V.T., Honniball, C.I., Martinez, S.N., Rogaski, A., Bell, S.K., Czaplinski, E.C., Farrant, B.E., Harrington, E.M., Tolometti, G.D., Kring, D.A. (2020). Using Boulder Tracks as a Tool to Understand the Bearing Capacity of Permanently Shadowed Regions of the Moon. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 125, e2019JE006157.

Bickel, V. T., Honniball, C. I., Martinez, S. N., Rogaski, A., Sargeant, H. M., Bell, S.K., Czaplinski, E.C., Farrant, B.E., Harrington, E.M., Tolometti, G.D., Kring, D.A. (2019). Analysis of lunar boulder tracks: Implications for trafficability of pyroclastic deposits. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 124, 1296–1314.

Bray, V. J., Atwood-Stone, C., Neish, C. D., McEwan, A., Artemieva, N., McElwaine, J. N. (2018). Lobate impact melt flows within the extended ejecta blanket of Pierazzo crater. Icarus, 301, 26-36.

Neish, C. D., Hamilton, C. W., Hughes, S. S., Kobs Nawotniak, S., Garry, W. B., Skok, J. R., Elphic, R. C., Schaefer, E., Carter, L. M., Bandfield, J. L., Osinski, G. R., Lim, D., Heldmann, J. L. (2017). Terrestrial analogues for lunar impact melt flows. Icarus, 281, 73-89.

Wang, Z., Y. Wu, D. T. Blewett, Cloutis, E. A., Y. Zheng, and J. Chen. (2017). Submicroscopic metallic iron in lunar soils estimated from the in situ spectra of the Chang’E-3 mission. Geophysical Research Letters, 44, 3485–3492. doi:10.1002/2017GL072652.

Izawa, M. R. M., Cloutis, E. A., D. M. Applin, M. A. Craig, P. Mann, M. Cuddy. (2014). Laboratory spectroscopic detection of hydration in pristine lunar regolith, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 390, 157-164.

Neish, C. D., Madden, J., Carter, L. M., Hawke, B. R., Giguere, T., Bray, V. J., Osinski, G. R., Cahill, J. T. S. (2014). Global distribution of lunar impact melt flows. Icarus 239, 105-117.

Kalynn, J., Johnson, C. L.Osinski, G. R., & Barnouin, O. (2013). Topographic characterization of lunar complex craters. Geophys. Res. Lett. 40, 38–42.

Shankar, B.Osinski, G. R.Antonenko, I., & Neish, C. D. (2013). A multispectral geological study of the Schrödinger impact basin. Can. J. Earth Sci. 50, 44–63.

Moores, J. E., Francis, R., Mader, M. M., Osinski, G. R.Barfoot, T., Barry, N., Basic, G., Battler, M., Beauchamp, M., Blain, S., Bondy, M., Capitan, R. D., Chanou, A., Clayton, J., Cloutis, E., Daly, M., Dickinson, C., Dong, H., Flemming, R., Furgale, P., Gammel, J., Gharfoor, N., Hussein, M., Grieve, R., Henrys, H., Jaziobedski, P., Lambert, A., Leung, K., Marion, C., McCullough, E., McManus, C., Neish, C.D., Ng, H. K., Ozaruk, A., Pickersgill, A., Preston, L. J., Redman, D., Sapers, H., Shankar, B., Singleton, A., Souders, K., Stenning, K., Stooke, P., Sylvester, P., & Tornabene, L. (2012). A Mission Control Architecture for robotic lunar sample return as field tested in an analogue deployment to the sudbury impact structure. Adv. Sp. Res. 50,1666–1686.

Conference Proceedings (* denote speakers):

Osinski, G., Marion, C., Morse, Z., Newman, J., Pilles, E., Tornabene, L.L., Caudill, C. and Christoffersen, P. (2019). Returning to the Moon: CanMoon and the Role of Analogue Missions. In AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 2019, P33C-08.

*Blanchette-Guertin, J-F., Johnson, C. L., & Lawrence, J. F. (2014). Effects of Lateral Variations in Megaregolith Thickness on Recorded Seismic Signals. LPSC XLV, Abstract # 1231.

Craig, M. A., Osinski, G. R.Flemming, R. L.Cloutis, E. A., Horgan, B., Tornabene, L. L.Izawa, M. R. M., Sapers, H. M., Marion, C. L., Applin, D. M., Mann, P., & Stromberg, J. (2014). Near-infrared spectra of glassy impactites from terrestrial impact structures. LPSC XLV, Abstract # 2417.

Ghent, R. R., Carter, L. M., Bandfield, J. L., Hayne, P. O., Paige, D. A. (2014). Physical Properties of Lunar Impact Ejecta: Constraints from LRO Diviner and Mini-RF Observations. LPSC XLV, Abstract 2339.

Izawa, M. R. M., Applin, D. M., Cloutis, E. A., Cuddy, M., & Mann, P. (2014). Spectroscopic studies of pristine lunar regolith under H2O, O2, and CO2 controlled conditions. LPSC XLV, Abstract # 1526

Kerrigan, M., Clayton, J., Nuhn, A. M., Pickersgill, A. E., & Osinski, G. R. (2014). The Slate Islands Impact Structure, Lake Superior, Canada; Field and Petrographic Observations of Impact Breccias. LPSC XLV, Abstract # 1588.

Mann, P., Cloutis, E. A., Greenberger, R. N., Millikin, R. E., Hiroi, T., Mustard, J. F., Klima, R. L., Hibbitts, C. A., Plescia, J. B., Bell, J. F. (III), Roush, T. L., Bishop, J. L., & Elhmann, B. L. (2014). An Interlaboratory UV/VIS/NIR Wavelength Calibration Study. LPSC XLV, Abstact # 2392.

Morison, M., Applin, D., Cloutis, E., Izawa, M., Mann, P., & Mertzman, S. A. (2014). Compositional And Grain-Size Variations In Ilmenite Reflectance Spectra. LPSC XLV, Abstract # 1505.

Morse, Z. R., Osinski, G. R., Tornabene, L. L. (2014). Analysis of Orientale Basin Ejecta and Evidence for Multistage Emplacement. LPSC XLV, Abstract #2360.

*Osinski, G. R., Tornabene, L. L., Sears, D. W. G., Hughes, S. S., & Heldmann, J. L. (2014). Impact Craters as Probes of Fluids on Differentiated Bodies. LPSC XLV, Abstract # 2439.

Pickersgill, A. E., Flemming, R. L., & Osinski, G. R. (2014). Streak lengthening in Chi (°χ) from micro-x-ray diffraction patterns of shocked lunar and terrestrial plagioclase. LPSC XLV, Abstract # 2595.

Shankar, B. and Osinski, G. R. (2014). The O’Day and Birkeland impact craters as probes into the interior of the South Pole-Aitken Basin. LPSC XLV, Abstract # 2552.

Trang, D., Gilles-Davis, J. J., Cahill, J. T. S., Thomson, B. J., Ghent, R. R., Hawke, B. R., & Giguere, T. A. (2014) Near-Surface Vertical Structure of Lunar Volcanic Terrains from Radar and Infrared Data. LPSC XLV, Abstract # 2307.

Pickersgill, A. E., Flemming, R. L., Osinski, G. R., & Singleton, A. C. (2013). Micro-X-Ray Diffraction Patterns of Shocked Plagioclase from the Mistastin Lake Impact Structure, Canada. 76th Annu. Meet. Meteorit. Soc.

Clayton, J. C., Osinski, G. R., Tornabene, L. L., Kalynn, J. D., & Johnson, C. L. (2013). Effect of Target Lithology on the Simple to Complex Transition Diameter for Lunar Impact Craters. Large Meteor. Impacts Planet. Evol. V

Shankar, B., Osinski, G. R., & Antonenko, I. (2013). Multispectral Assessment of Impact Melt Deposits Within Complex Lunar Craters. Large Meteor. Impacts Planet. Evol. V.

Clayton, J., Osinski, G. R., Tornabene, L. L., Kalynn, J. D., & Johnson, C. L. (2013). Fresh Transitional Lunar Impact Craters. LPSC XLIV, Abstract # .

Pickersgill, A. E., Osinski, G. R. & Flemming, R. L. (2013). Shock Metamorphism in Plagioclase from the Mistastin Lake Impact Structure, Canada. 44th Lunar Planet. Sci. Conf.

Shankar, B., Osinski, G. R., & Antonenko, I. (2013). Multispectral Analyses of Kovalevskaya Crater on the Lunar Farside. 44th Lunar Planet. Sci. Conf. (2013).

Osinski, G. R. et al.(2010). An Analogue Mission in Support of MoonRise and Other Sample Return Missions to the South Pole-Aitken Basin. Annu. Meet. Lunar Explor. Anal. Gr.

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