Public Education and Outreach initiatives form an important component of the CLRN, recognizing the fact that the public is particularly drawn to planetary science and exploration.

Currently, education and outreach activities play an active role at many partner institutions. Examples include the Planetary and Space Science Centre at the University of New Brunswick and the Centre for Planetary Science & Exploration (CPSX) at the University of Western Ontario. We encourage the public to contact their local partner institutions to see what outreach activities are available.

Several outreach activities have been designed through the CPSX/CLRN outreach program to serve classroom-style introductions to lunar science (meteorites and other extraterrestrial samples, impact experiments, analogue research, etc.).

This website publicizes lunar science and exploration activities and provides a resource for those who are interested.

Single period lunar themed activities include:

  • Exploring the Earth-Moon system
  • Mapping the Moon
  • Mining the Moon and other bodies
  • Multiple-period activities include:
  • Impact cratering

CLRN has partnered with a variety of groups and organizations, to promote lunar education. In particular, several members have participated at the annual International Observe the Moon night events over the last 4 years. Other partners include the Canadian Space Society, the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC), industry partners such as MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates (MDA), and museums such as the Ontario Science Centre and the London Children’s Museum.

In addition to participating in the above activities, we have set up a Facebook group and twitter handle to help promote lunar science and exploration to the Canadian public.

Please continue to watch this page as we develop more exciting outreach opportunities!