Outreach: Lunar Rock Kits

CLRN have lunar rock kits, available upon request, containing terrestrial rock samples that resemble rock types present on the lunar surface. Rock samples in each kit include basaltic lava, clast-poor impact melt rocks, clast-rich impact melt rocks, impact melt-bearing breccias, non melt-bearing impact breccias, shocked anorthosite (resemble lunar crust), and a container of lunar simulate. Each kit comes with a document with descriptions of each sample and its geologic origin.

Example of a Lunar Rock Kit
Example of a Lunar Rock Kit

Institutions and individuals can request a lunar rock kit for outreach purposes by contacting us at clrn-staging.sci.uwo.ca@gmail.com. The kits are rented free of charge, but shipping and handling fees may apply.

Below is a list of what Lunar Rock Kits are available for request. New kits are currently in development at Western University and will soon become available too.

Lunar Kits Available

Lunar Kit #1
Lunar Kit #2
Lunar Kit #3
Lunar Kit #4