Updated Announcements for InOMN

Join us on September 6th, 2014 from 4pm onwards for several talks and displays that will be part of the annual International Observe the Moon Night at Cronyn Observatory, Western University.

Several scientists and engineers will be present during the panel session to answer all your questions about the science and exploration of the Moon!

Dr. Nicolle Zellner

Dr. Nicolle Zellner (Associate Professor at Albion College, MI) will be giving the invited talk

   “What Can Lunar Impact Craters Tells Us About Earth’s History?”  


Dr. Phil Stooke

Dr. Phil Stooke (Professor, UWO) will survey the wide range of Moons around the solar system in his talk

“There’s more than one Moon.”


Check out our poster for more details!

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International Observe the Moon Night


Be part of a global event hosted by NASA that celebrates everything about our closest celestial neighbour.

Check for any local events in your neighbourhood!

If you are in London, ON join us for various fun activities for children and adults that includes telescope viewing with R.A.S.C London, art contest, and much more.

Interact with several scientists and engineers present on site through the evening and learn all the various ways the Moon is still a fascinating place to observe. Be sure to check several lunar rover prototypes that will be on display!!

Stay tuned for updates as they become available.